Chicago Wedding Photographer Maddie Blecha

About Chicago Photographer Maddie Blecha

Meet Chicago wedding photographer and Chicago newborn photographer Maddie Blecha


Hi there, I'm Maddie.

My journey to this point stems from a decision I made about 10 years ago: With no prior art experience, I decided to take a film photography class on a whim and everything changed from there. Since then, I've gone on to photograph in a variety of genres, but I've fallen in love with capturing the stories and raw emotions that surround weddings, newborns, and families. 

Most of my days start with a cup of coffee and a few Avett Brothers tracks, while I dive into editing my latest sessions. But when I'm not working, you'll find me...

  • In an art class (I'm currently learning how to paint)
  • Traveling to as many new places as I can
  • Purchasing new houseplants only to ultimately (and unfortunately) kill them 3 months later
  • Becoming a total hide & seek mastermind with my 6 nieces & nephews

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my work!

Wondering how my last name is pronounced? Happens all the time. Replace the "cha" with a "kuh" sound and you're good to go!